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A2bymatin is the contemporary line of MatinDesign, an Iranian fashion brand founded by sisters Aida and Anahita Matin, born in Tehran in 1983 and 1985.

The two sisters have always been interested in the world of art and fashion, and decided to follow their passion studying painting at the Art and Architecture University of Tehran: this is where the root of their aesthetics originated.

During these years, their passion for creativity and design inspired them to start working as self-taught independent designers. In 2005 they launched their first brand, MatinDesign, which was inspired by Persian art and culture, seen through contemporary lens, for a more modern interpretation.

Always in search for new inspiration and willing to implement their artistic journey with a deeper knowledge, Anahita decided to move to Italy, in Venice, where she took both her BA and Masters Degree graduations in fashion design. Here she was able to develop an international eye for fashion and gained new skills through the knowledge of Italian sartorial artistry.

During this time of personal evolution, she found herself torn between two worlds: Iran and Italy. That’s when A2bymatin was born, in 2016, aiming to represent the union of the two world.

A2bymatin is a transcultural brand that brings together the experience of the Matin sisters in a unique identity, the epitome of their nomadic creative research: a “Punk Islam” fashion. The inspiration of the brand is the evolving identity; their style is a concoction of Italian sartorial with Iranian contemporary culture for an international woman.

Since 2019 The brand is also oriented towards producing 100% sustainable garments, and collaborates with local tailors and knitwear workshops in Tehran, supporting in particular women career development.